Kaddanarti Doukki Gel Ville de Kerma Pré-Kerma Nécropole de Kerma Boucharia El-Barga Wadi El-Arab
Surveys conducted these last few years enabled the identification of more than a hundred sites and the interpretation of the region’s settlement dynamics.
The Egyptian city of Dukki Gel, founded by Eighteenth Dynasty pharaohs, was occupied from 1450 B.C. to 400 A.D.
The city of Kerma is the capital of the first Kingdom of Kush. During its heyday, the kingdom’s territory extended from the First to the Fifth cataracts.
The Kerma necropolis is one of the most impressive in Nubia, notably because of its innumerable circles of black and white stones that mark the location of the burials.
By its scale and architectural system, the Pre-Kerma agglomeration heralds the future development Nubia will know with the emergence of the city of Kerma.
El-Barga reveals one of the most important necropoleis of the early Holocene in Africa.
Wadi el-Arab reveals an almost continuous series of settlement remains spanning two millennia as well as the first Neolithic burials known in Africa.
Busharia reveals the precocious appearance of pottery on the African continent around the 9th millennium B.C.
The camp remains at Kaddanarti are evidence of the first settlement in the area of Kerma, a million years ago.